Friday, December 30, 2005

Lorraine's party

When I was 11 or so, Lorraine Gigler, a classmate, invited me to a party at her house. All of us were, I believe, in the seventh grade. At the time I thought that I was a thoroughly repellent human being, but I decided to go anyway. Lorraine was a sweet lovely person.

I went to her party. Her parents, very friendly, asked me to open a box -- they were having trouble with it. I opened it was a jack in the box! Lots of laughter.

What else I remember about the party. I had a good time. We played spin the bottle -- very daring at the time. And I dared to kiss all the girls! Me!

Not long ago, Lorraine, who married Eric, another classmate, was badly injured in an auto accident. But we're optimistic. Her husband assures us that she will attend our 55th reunion in 2007.

Today I had breakfast with another classmate, Joansie. Very clever woman. A while back she emailed me that she had to bring some wine to a party. What brand of wine would I recommend? I told her. Today, at breakfast, she brought me two bottles of that wine! That was her way of finding out what wines I liked. Clever woman. And very generous -- her way of paying me back for giving her an extra ticket to a concert.


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