Saturday, December 10, 2005

People I Dislike

B dislikes G. Unusual for her to dislike anyone. I guess it's because G is continually out to prove her worth--her intelligence, her accomplishments. And she is truly formidable. Heck, I'm like that, too.


There are at least two types of unlikable people.

1. People whom it's no fun to be wwith--who are abrasive and hostile, or know it alls, or out to prove their superiority. Along with bores and people with just one or two ideas. And dull conversationalists. I was out party, and a man said to the group, "I know a man who owns a Cadillac, a BMW, and a Lexus." Then stopped. Clearly, not my type of person.

2. Really nasty people. People who are simply cruel. Often, these are people in power -- they can readily get away with being sadistic. Jennifer Borg, for example, at the Bergen Record. I think her father raised her to believe that being cold and cruel were worthy goals. I heard him once describe her, proudly, as "hard as nails." Her monicker around the office was: the bitch on wheels. Bill Rukeyser, my editor at Money, was like that. He enjoyed inflictng pain. A young female editor was allergic to smoke. He would go into her office -- and smoke a cigar!

Manipulative people belong here, too -- people who are always thinking about how to advance their own causes. Well, they don't have to be manipulative, but they tend to be. I knew a fellow named Shelly G. I envied him. No doubts in his mind, no Hamlet-like indecision. Everything in life was solved by his asking himself: Is this good or bad for Shelly G?

Anyway, getting back to B and G. G is a Category 1 person, not Category 2. And tolerable. Being determined to show off is not a sin against the Holy Ghost.

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