Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Wishing Well

We went to a fancy-schmanzy Chinese restaurant. Inside, you had to walk over a litte bridge with a pool underneath, the pool containing fish as well as coins that patrons had thrown in while making wishes.

We gave the kids pennies to throw in. They had finished eating quickly, so we had to distract them. We gave them penny after penny to throw into the wishing well.

At one point, little Bram came back to the table.

He had a chicken leg when he got up, I told my wife ominously.

No he didn't, she insisted.

He had a chicken leg, I insisted.

OK, we'd look into the pool when we left.

We looked down into the pool.

We couldn't help it. We began laughing -- but trying to stafle it.

And hurried away from the restaurant.