Thursday, March 23, 2006


I was supposed to have lunch Wed with Dover Dave, someone who writes intelligent letters to me. At 1pm, I thought. At 1220 comes a phone call: Wasn't I supposed to have lunch today? Good God, it must have been 12, not 1! Are you there? I ask. Yes, he says. I race over to the restaurant--Cafe Metro in Denville. Get there at 1225. No one waiting for me. No one has been waiting, the maitre d' tells me.

I guess d.d. got mad and left. I emailed him an apology.

That night I get an email from Dick. Where was I today? I was supposed to meet him at Attilio's in Denville at 12! He had even phoned and spoken with me! He waited and waited.

Actually, his mistake. Lunch was next week.

What's that saying? Man plans and God laughs?

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