Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It Still Makes Me Mad

I’m still angry at people who successfully put one over on me. Conscience-less people.
Like a guy named Baum. At Medical Economics magazine.
I was in charge of a real-estate issue, and I found a doctor who had a stream running through his house and was eager to be interviewed.
I asked Baum to write the story. He came back and said he had called the doctor and there was no story – nothing to it. I believed him.
A year later, he wrote up the story for a general issue of Medical Economics – so he would get credit for discovering such a good story.
I told an editor what Baum had done—the editor just shook his head, couldn’t believe it had happened.
It still makes me mad.
I’m told that whenever a certain famous actor (name to come) sees Baum at the Actor’s Club in NYC, he tries to punch him. No one knows why.
I suspect that I know why.

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