Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Darn, my AOL often freezes when I'm writing in my blog--

Listening to a book about Elizabeth and Mary--absorbing--very biased against Mary, but I gather that that is warranted--

I spoke to JK Galbraith once--I was a big admirer--I loved his book The Great Crash, especially what he wrote about one malefactor of great wealth--OK, a book had come out in the 1970s, Report from Iron Mountain--an obvious satire--the U.S. had to get involved in taking over South America as an outlet for exports--I suspected that Galbreaith had written it, so I phoned him at Harvard--he cagily wouldn't confirm or deny that he had written it--but, as I discovered later, he hadn't--

A memorable quote from GK Chesterson--The rich in every country are always contemptible -- (exact quote to come)--

OK, Sky, so Frank Sinatra married Ava Gardner, not Clark Gable--apparently Frank was irresistible--