Saturday, November 04, 2006

Next Week

I fly to Israel on a press trip on Monday--to write an article about touring Israel--I don't know Israel well, even though I've been there twice on other press trips--I don't know the language or the currency or the geography--fortunately, I'll be with a group--

But I'll write a good story--not a PR story--though I doubt anything so exciting will happen as when I fell into the Jordan River on a previous trip=-

I'm so compulsive that I wrote columns for the week I'm away--for Tuesday, Friday, Sunday, and the next Tuesday--I return that Tuesday, but Wednesday I'm on a grand jury--I'll have to write my Friday and Sunday columns on Thursday and Friday--I hope I have ideas!...


At the Hobbyists meeting, I told a joke --as usual-- but it was an anti-Democratic, anti-journalist joke. Ir was funny, and much funnier than if it had been turned around--and been anti-Republican, anti-Fox News. I wonder why. The audience, Ridgewood Republicans, lapped it up--


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