Saturday, July 21, 2007

Comment on Article About Blacks from HS Classmate

Hey Warren, I hate to be picky but...there were several black families in West New York while we were growing up. There were the Stiles, the Washington's, the Farrar's, and others whose names I have forgotten. As a matter of fact, I remember once going out on "strike" because Coviello refused to let the "black" footballer play in a game where Memorial was winning by one of those really lopsided scores. We picketed his office.

Also, in your commentary on inviting a Black male to join your group you state:

I would like to sponsor A black member. Must be male. He can live anywhere. I'll even pay the first year's dues, $50. Is anyone interested?

The parts I have highlighted in RED seem sort of racist to me? A black, why not several. And how nice of you to pay their dues, are you insinuating they can't afford the $50? All I'm trying to say is, if you look, you can find something to criticize.

As for having black friends along our journey of life, I have had many. At Fairleigh, in the 50's, there was a classmate, Sadie Davis. I do remember a group of us once going to lunch and realizing we were not being served because she was with us. We promptly got up and left, en masse. However, I had a male friend, whose name I don't remember, with whom I often went to lunch or for a drink after class. We never had a problem. All I'm saying is, maybe you were looking and so you found, while I just enjoyed the moment.

You mentioned the black reporter at The Record, and you are right. She was a racist. Her views were way out of line and not only was she arrogant, she was insulting. I for one, was not sorry to see her go. No matter what one's race, there is no reason to have "attitude." What's the expression, you can catch more bees with honey...?

Okay, enough for my soap box for today. Sorry if I went on and on but today has been a day for me to give my advice freely, asked for or not.


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