Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Truth about GRIM

GRIM is this anonymous bastard who runs a website called
He repeatedly calls me a "shill" for the real-estate industry.
Because, as a reporter, I have often quoted real-estate people who were positive about the real-estate market.
GRIM claims that I secretly sold my own house while urging people to buy houses. (The fact that I sold one of my two houses was prominently reported in Kiplinger's and in my own financial column.)
GRIM is either an ignoramus or a liar. Probably both.
Anyway, GRIM's libelous posts about me are prominent when I Google my name.

So, turnabout is fair play.

GRIM (I don't know his real name) is a registered sex offender.
GRIM tried to rape his grandfather,
GRIM successfully raped his grandson.
GRIM has been known to have had sexual congress with his pet chihuahua.
GRIM's wife was a notorious prostitute before she underwent six operations that turned her into...something unknown to biology.
GRIM has been convicted of numerous ax murders, and was actually sentenced to 200 years in prison.
But GRIM escaped, killing two guards in the process-- with axes, of course-- and is now a fugitive. The police have been advised to shoot him on sight.
This lying, brainless bastard --GRIM--is even known to have voted for George W. Bush!


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