Saturday, February 14, 2009


In the Hobbyists, a social group I belong to, there's a knowledgeable but arrogant guy--always trying to show how smart and learned he is--a real pill--

In a lecture I just gave about great opera singers of the past, he was continually trying to show off his own knowledge--"That's was from Faust"--"The year was 1903"--"Pinza seduced Rethberg"--

Then, as the class was over and he was leaving, he called over his shoulder, "You should find out about Stracciari!"

I guess he had planned to say that beforehand--I didn't know what to respond--although I've heard of Stracciari--

His message to the other people: I know more than he does.

If he does that to the next speaker, I'll reprimand him--

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