Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Goldwater Case

Someone writing for Psychology Today's website did a study of the psychiatrists' responses to the Fact magazine poll about whether G was psychologically fit to be president--

He found that people who knew Goldwater personally thought he was healthy--
it was those who didn't know him who thought he was disturbed-

But you don't get to know someone very well by interacting with him socially--

You get a much better insight by knowing someone's views--

And Goldwater believed in brinksmanship--challenge the Soviet Union to a war, knowing that they will back down--
He said North Korea should be paved off like a parking lot--

In your head you know he's right
In your heart you know he's nuts--

popular saying of the time--

When Harris Steinberg, Fact's lawyer, said that to Goldwater on the stand, he told me later, he thought that Goldwater was going to hit him--