Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Getting a massage the other day, I asked the masseuse how old she thought I was. "Guess low," I suggested.
She said I must be about her age -- mid-50s.
I told her I was much older.
Her answer: That's because I dye my hair. Which, she said, was perfectly fine.

I don't dye my hair! I expostulated. I don't dye my hair!

Almost everyone seems to think so. It vexes me. I'm so proud of my thick, brown hair.

Ten years ago, I encountered a woman who told me that all of my contemporaries have grey hair....

I answered: I have grey hair on my chest....
Now you know something that only you and 10,000 other women know.

Someone suggests that my hair has not turned grey because I eat so many nuts. Actually, keeping one's original hair color seems to be a hereditary.

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