Saturday, March 25, 2006

Return of the Repressed

Someone is criticizing me on his blog, claiming that I'm a cheerleader for the real estate industry, that I'm trying to persuade people that real estate is not in a bubble. His blog apparently is widely read.

I'm gonna nail that creep. I don't believe in turning the other cheek. People who lie about you should get blown out of the water. Even if it's just carelessness.

Besides which, there's a theme here. Now that everyone can write anything on the internet, anonymously, there's an epidemic of Drudgery--irresponsible and ignorant assertions (named after Matthew Drudge, the pseudo-journalist). The fellow who criticizes me is, naturally, anonymous. And he was nonplussed when I answered him--he erased my comments aand complained about the "vehemence" of my remarks. Well, when someone claims that I am not a responsible and honest journalist, when I am a journalist by trade, am I supposed to just shrug it off?

Fact is, I have been telling people for years--in my column and in person--that it has been a good time to SELL a house. And I have reported both sides -- those who say the market is just becoming normal and those who say the market is poised to fall off a cliff. The creepy critic doesn't seem to understand that there are reporters (who report what others say) and columnists (who convey their own opinions).

A famous in N.J. real estate once said to me, when I was working for the Bergen Record, that "We tried to get you fired. That didn't work. We tried to win you over. We even gave you a plaque saying you were a great journalist. Nothing has worked."
My comment: Have you tried just money under the table? (Joke.)

Anyway, irresponsibility is pervading the media--spread by amateurs, often anonymously. The Wikipedia is an example. People argue about whether this "people's" encyclopedia is accurate or not. I just find that it's amateurish. Poorly written, poorly edited. And my only experience with Wikipedia has underscored the incompetence of the people who work there.

Good theme for two columns, methinks. Nail the creep and criticize Wikipedia.