Saturday, June 03, 2006

Two Jokes

Someone told a joke at the Ridgewood Hobbyists:

A man is sleeping with this kid’s mother, and when the kid and his father come home, the adulterer hides in a closet. The kid goes into the closet, adulterer drags him in and begs him to keep quiet. The kid says, “It’s dark in here, I think I’ll scream.” The adulterer gives the kid $10 not to scream.

Happens week after week.

Finally, the mother asks the kid where he’s getting all the money from, the kid lies, and the kid goes to confession.

The kid is sitting in a confessional and says, Hey, it’s dark in here.

Says the priest, “You’re not starting that again, are you?”
No one objected to that joke.

But the president of the club, Bob Paoli, objected to a joke I told with a naughty word in it. At the last meeting, he admonished me not to tell any “offcolor” jokes.
Joke I told:

Priest catches a big fish; fisherman says it’s a son of a bitch.
Priest is shocked; fisherman says that’s the name of the fish.
Priest says ok. Nun sees him with the fish. It’s a son of a bitch, priest says. Father! She says, shocked. He explains: It’s the name of the fish.

Nun cooks the fish, they invite the bishop over. Great meal! Says the bishop. “I cooked the son of a bitch,” nun says. “I caught the son of a bitch,” priest says.
Bishop looks shocked.
Then smiles…and says, “You two fuckers are my kind of people.”

Which joke do you find more offensive?

“Fuck” is an upsetting word only because it’s used rarely, and then in anger. True obscenities are words like “n----r,” “k--e,” and “w-p.”

Pass this on if you wish.