Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dear Diary...

Nice note from Sky-thank you!

Cape Cod: I devoted myself to not getting badly sunburned-something one learns from painful experience…we went to Dennis and Chatham-lots of good meals-saw Corpse!, a clever play that got out of hand in the second act-in front of a house, I saw a topiary of a whale, with its mouth open-wow!-
I had forgotten how friendly other people at a B&B are…

Work is getting unpleasant-the business editor treats me with the same hostility she treated the former inhabitant of my position-unconsciously-

About Alice, by Calvin Trillin, was very moving-perhaps better than the Year of Magical Tninking--an admirable lady-she heard Gov Pataki give a fine speech, then said to him, Why are you a Republican?
I had asked Muriel Siebert the same question-she didn't seem surprised by it-replied that she came from a conservative political background-

Moving is so troublesome! So much to do! So much to pack, to throw out, so many places to contact about our change of address… so goddam many books!

The prospect of not working has gotten to be tempting-going on hikes with the Hobbyists, going to the gym, meetings with friends, biking, writing stuff I want to write-of course I'd have to do the laundry now…! But I wouldn't mind-

Perhaps I should teach English as a second language-my friend Roy did it & loved it-I'd have to get certified-but I know a lot about language and I've been a teacher-

I have had this dread of retiring and not having much to do-(and then there's all the work I should do around the Woodstock house…and all the movies I want to see, all the books I want to read!)

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