Sunday, November 18, 2007


I've written a play, and the first person who read it suggested a drastic, terrible change.


I'll post the play on my blog after one more go-through.

I hope I don't have a case of post-partum depression now that the play is done; fortunately, I have another major project in the works.

A friend has not communicated with me for quite a while--despite my messages to him urging that we get together. I'll excise him from my list of friends.

I wonder what novel of Doris Lessing's I might read?

A member of a club I run has been deliberately rude to me. I'll have to consider my options. Criticizing him front of other members is best, I suppose. I guess he's envious.

When am I ever going to get time to sort through my videos? My photos? I could find time, I guess; it's just that I prefer doing other things.

I ordered a SmartCar.

Funds I bought recently are not doing well. But I took money out of my 401k plan, and this is that money; if I had kept the money in the 401k, I might have done poorly, too.

A friend invited me to lunch; I had to turn her down--too busy. I hope she isn't hurt; I suggested another day.

Winter is coming; a close friend is leaving for Florida; our high school reunion has been canceled. I hope that my play is well received!

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