Thursday, January 10, 2008

Paths of Glory

I continue to be amazed at how many wonderful singers there have been--who have been forgotten. Even by me, and I have a special interest in older singers. (Actually, the word "forgotten" is wrong: "consigned to oblivion" would be more appropriate. They haven't been "forgotten" because they were never remembered.)

I learned recently that Tulio Serafin, a famous conductor, once said there were three miraculous voices in his time: Caruso, Ponselle, and Ruffo.

I had never heard of Ruffo!

Recently I discovered....Tancredi Pasero. Wow!

How about Pol Plancon? Again, wow! And his recordings date from around 1906-7.

A fellow I know, very well informed about music, listened to a disk I have of John McCormack--and he was astounded. Who is this great singer? he asked.

A woman from Valley Hospital--in her 30s, intelligent--had not heard of
Ezio Pinza
Mario Lanza
Paul Robeson.

I listened to some older singers on a borrowed Bose disk player--and I have to get one. The sound was sensational.

(All this because of a course I'm going to give about wonderful singers of the past.)

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