Monday, March 24, 2008

Picking Movies

Picking movies to show to members of a movie club I started is no cinch.

We want good, little-known movies...and far too many of them are foreign! And it's hard to read the subtitles in the room we have. Besides which, a goodly number of movies that qualify are silents, and I know that many modern moviegoers can't abide silent movies.

Our films so far: Passion of Joan of Arc...Counselor at Law...Metropolis...City Lights...

I was thinking of Rififi, a crime movie--most of the viewers are men-- but even I had trouble reading the subtitles. Also, it seemed a bit old-fashioned. (I haven't finished watching it.)

I COULD show excerpts from music films-like Evensong, about Nellie Melba, and Aida with Sophia Loren.

I SHOULD show a Lubitsch film--maybe Merry Widow, which I saw again recently.

But I think I've hit upon a good idea: International House, with WC Fields and Burns and Allen. Finally, a comedy.

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