Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Radio Puzzle

My course on finance attracted only 7 students--so it's being canceled--

But my course on famous singers has 44 people enrolled! Wow!


We don't hear old vocal music on the radio. You don't turn on WQXR and hear Rosa Ponselle, John McCormack, Titta Ruffo, Elisabeth Rethberg. You hear NEW recordings. Renee Fleming, Placido Domingo, Deborah Voigt. Why is this?

* Advertisers want WQXR to play new recordings--to sell new recordings.
* Listeners prefer something new--because the sound quality is better, because they expect something new from a news publishing company, because listeners are more interested in something new.

Conclusion: WQXR and other radio stations are making a mistake.

That's why I met a 30-year-old woman recently who never heard of

Ezio Pinza
Paul Robeson
Mario Lanza


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