Sunday, March 09, 2008

comment on movies and me

good stuff. we had identical childhoods. i went to movie after movie. the fox in hackensack had all the 20th century and mgm films, the oritani had all the gangster films (WB) my favorites and the good westerns. the pascack and the westwood would get them the following week, so if you missed one in hackensack (10cents busfare) you'd catch it in westwood (5 cent fare, from oradell). saturdays were great: cartoons, two flicks, coming attractions, maybe a time marches on, a serial (i loved flash gordon), movietone news and cowboy pictures. we came out screaming like tarzan or dueling like errol flynn or acting tough like cagney or stoic like gary cooper. i was in love with laraine day . . . until she married leo durocher, then with the giants. betty grable was way overrated. i hated mickey rooney, who hammed up every scene he ever was in. and the same for that wacko betty hutton. i loved judy too. (and ann Rutherford wasn't so bad) as a kid i couldn't stand bette davis movies or Joan crawford, as an adult i loved 'em. sounds like fun reading. who's the publisher.

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