Sunday, March 02, 2008

Response to an article on stupid Americans

(article mentioned that Americans can't find Iraq on a map)

Well, I'd have a hard time finding stuff on a map--Afghanistan? Somewhere near India--
I always hated geography--

But people have always been stupid--"credulous" may be the better word--

I remember hearing an interview with a Saudi Arabian soldier--he isn't afraid of dying--he'll simply go to heaven--but if any "son of a bitch" tries to kill him...!

There was an essay in a psychiatric journal some years ago..."L'homme stupide"--good title--

Didn't I read that a poll found that Reagan is considered one of our best Presidents?

Journalists are guilty. All the publicity that Ann Coulter gets. And Paris Hilton. My line: Coulter is actually Paris Hilton...without her brains. I'm infuriated that Coulter gets the publicity she does, and I HAVE complained to media responsible--

Journalists also are careful to give both sides--if a scientist said, the earth is a sphere, journalists would
get a quote from someone who belongs to the Flat Earth society--

I read a recent story in the Times about whether Fox news is biased or not--every piece of evidence in favor was then denied by a spokesman for Fox--nonsense--you could ask any visiting fireman and get the right answer--and I DID complain to the Times--

The article needed a line like: Everybody with half a brain knows that Fox-news is biased--

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