Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sexism and Racism

This country is less racist than sexist, says a female friend of mine. (Actually, she's an email friend.)

A Hillary supporter (like me), she is unhappy that Obama is pulling ahead.

Is this country sexist? Certainly older white men are. I keep getting disgusting messages from these Hillary-haters. Did they hate Madeline Albright like this? Margaret Thatcher? Christie Whitman? What is it about Hillary that threatens so many older white men?

Maybe it's because she doesn't "play" the female role--timid, uncertain, passive, naive.

As for Obama, as everyone knows, he is not your stereotypical black man. He doesn't remind anyone of OJ Simpson. Or Amos or Andy. Heck, he went to Columbia College! (my alma mater) What did a Democrat (Biden?) say of him? He's "clean"?

Colin Powell, another non-stereotypical black (whom I still admire, despite his contribution to the war), had a good chance of becoming President, too.

Of course, lower-class whites may wind up voting against Obama. Still, I think he has a good chance against McCain. A young anti-war candidate against an old warmonger.

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