Sunday, February 17, 2008


1--I canceled within one hour. I phoned Trevor Gutman and left a message that I was stopping the check & didn't want to pay him that much without seeing what kind of work he did. I believe there is a Federal law giving a consumer a right of recission within 72 hours. My wife went to the Bank of America within the hour and put a stop on the check--which didn't work.

2--I felt under pressure to pay Gutman. He had demanded $1,000--for work that might cost a few hundred (some painting, replacing part of a window frame).

3. This was a ploy. He had demanded a huge advance--$1,000--and a natural response is to make a counter-offer.

4. A reputable contractor once told me, Pay them slow.

5. The NEW handyman I hired (a) asked for only $20 an hour, not $30, as Gutman did, and (b) said he wanted to be paid in advance only for his materials.

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