Wednesday, February 06, 2008


BankofAmerica has sent me a new credit card.
I wonder: Does this new card give me any rewards? Any cash back?
I can't figure it out from the literature accompanying the new card.

But...the old card had "Financial Rewards" printed at the top.
This one doesn't.

In short, BankofAmerica is substituting a new card for the card that gave me some benefits. A money-saving move from BankofAmerica!

BankofAmerica has no shame. Never has.

I'll continue using the old card until it doesn't work. Actually, I'll continue using American Express--and use the BankofAmerica card only when places won't accept AmericanExpress.


What's happened to the news? Now you get teasers. On AOL, the headlines are like: Find out what celebrity was caught shoplifting. Or: Guess which stock rose 25% yesterday.

They do it on the TV news, too. A fire in Brooklyn had an unusual cause. Tune in at 11.

This is news?


Remember the handyman who tricked me into giving him a $500 check in advance? I had phoned him and left a message that I stopped the check. A week has gone by; he hasn't cashed it. The bank's literature told me that even with a stop on a check, someone can cash it--if he deposits it in an ATM the same day as the stop order. (And other circumstances, too.)

The stop order lasts six months. Then I guess I have to renew it.

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