Saturday, January 26, 2008


I need some work done around the house--repairing a light fixture, replacing some wood--

I have a card from a handyman--

Young man comes over, makes notes--

Says he needs $1,000 to reserve time for me in the spring--

I suggest $500--

He accepts--and leaves--promising to return next Saturday--

After some thought, I phoned & left him a message--

I have to see the quality of his work before giving him a large advance--

and I'm stopping the check--which I did, for $25--

Question: Why did I do such a dumb thing in the first place?

Answer: Not something I do ordinarily, hiring a handyman--and I fell for a trap--negotiating over the amount of the advance rather than any advance at all--

Also, I tend to be trusting--not having spent my career in the commercial world--

Now I know how older people get taken so readily--

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