Thursday, February 28, 2008

4-comment on sexism & racism....from a woman

As far as I am concerned, I don't fit into any of your categories!
The only reason I would vote for any candidate is because of their qualifications!

Hillary's record is not good, she will keep us in the war and she will allow more and more illegal's into this country. She has voted with the Republicans and against the wishes of the public. I would not vote for her just because she is a woman, nor would I vote against her for this reason! Do you remember when Bill left the White House and they took gifts that were given to the President, they even took a microwave. I wonder if their bathrooms have hotel towels too?

Obama has not enough experience and has never written any bills of meaning while in office. He would also allow illegal's. I would not vote for him just because he is black or vote against him because he is black! As a matter of fact, when I first heard about him I though he would be a good candidate.

McCain is a disaster! He has a terrible temper, is biased, will keep our troops in Iraq forever. I would not vote for him just because he is white or vote against him for that reason.

I thought that Pelosi would be good for this country when she became Speaker of the House and was I ever wrong! So, I don't like her actions - not because she is white, or because she is a woman but because she is also going against the good of this country!

You are assuming that older men don't like Hillary because she is a woman. Maybe they don't like her for the same reason I do?
Maybe people don't like Obama - not because he is black but because he lacks experience?

This year will be like all the other elections - We will have to chose the one candidate we hope will do the least damage to our country!
Maybe I shouldn't even worry about this country because I believe that soon enough our dear politicians will go ahead with the plan to unite us with Canada and Mexico and we won't even be American anymore but part of a federation. Whatever is best for big business!

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