Tuesday, April 01, 2008

An Epidemic of Rudeness

Someone again asked Chelsea Clinton about Monica Lewinsky.
How rude.
Her answer: It's none of your business.
A comment on a Website: Someone should ask her about that at every opportunity. (Anyone who asks a question like that actually deserves a slap in the face. But a put-down like "That's a rude thing to say" would do.)

Remember the woman who asked McCain, How do we beat the bitch? McCain's answer: Good question.

What's the opposite of a rude person? A decent person.

We decent people should immediately rebuke rude people whenever they behave rudely.

Maybe this epidemic of rudeness stems from people emulating journalists, who are accustomed to asking rude questions. Maybe another cause is the anonymity of many of the people who say rude things--as on anonymous Internet postings. Whatever the causes, it really is offensive and should stop.

On behalf of all the decent people in America, I would like to apologize to Chelsea.

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