Thursday, May 08, 2008

Financial Loss

I obtain speakers for a financial group in Morris County--

Our scheduled speaker for April (Don Phillips) bowed out--at the last minute, I got a substitute (Delos Smith)--who doesn't drive a car, so I agreed to recompense him for his hotel stay, his railroad trip, his taxi--$287

I asked the 30 or so members of the club to pay me $20 each--figuring I'd get 15, for $300--

Alas, I have less than 15--after two requests--so I have to swallow a loss--

I'm not surprised that one member of the group didn't pay--he's an arrogant, nasty little twerp--but I'm surprised at the others--

REVISED ON MAY 20: Wow, 15 people paid, including the fellow who I didn't think would pay! I've made a profit! 15 X 20 = $300, plus #5 (which someone contributed)... I must be too cynical a person.


Bought a new (used) car--instead of a new Prius ($24,000), paid much less for a 2003 Chevy Impala--but saved a lot of money--
very comfortable car--for older people--got it registered today at a Motor Vehicle Bureau--very efficient, courteous people there in Lodi--even forgave me for giving them the wrong number on my license! 376Z instead of 736Z--

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