Sunday, April 06, 2008


Saw La Boheme at a movie theater--it was a pleasure not to have to drive to NYC and park--but the two ladies next to me talked during the opera, and the fellow behind me kept kicking my seat--

As for the opera itself, Angela Gheoghiu was especially wonderful--

But why do we need long intermissions? So patrons have time to buy popcorn and soda?


Films: Atonement was moving but far-fetched.

De-Lovely, although my friends liked it, was a sour film--Kevin Kline wasn't charming, as he had to be, and he didn't sing well. Most of the musical numbers were disappointing.


How characterize singer' voices? Robeson, velvety; Crooks, silvery; Caruso, trumpet-like; Rethberg, pure, silken; McCormack, spun silver; Bjoerling, silver and gold.

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