Wednesday, October 08, 2008


A young woman holding a large white sign on the Village Green in Woodstock, NY:


I inspected her as I walked past--she looked back at me intently--

Should I have spoken with her? Probably not possible to persuade her that it's unlikely she's being harassed--but maybe she could have used some words of comfort--


I recently gave $5 to a woman who seems to live on the street--out of remorse for my not having been so generous to other poor people in the past?--the mother on the street who burst into tears--sitting on a blanket, next to a saucer for coins--her young son reached out a hand to comfort her--I gave her $5--
the time I walked past a Chinese laundry in the morning and exchanged glances with a Chinese woman doing the laundry--hunched over an ironing board--she looked so tired and sorrowful--


A word often used to describe Palin: preposterous.
Terrifying might be another word.
But it would make a good movie. A bimbo is nominated for vice president--and winds up assuming office. But in the movies she would turn out to be a fine leader. In the movies. Palin's not just a bimbo. She has strong scary views.


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