Friday, August 29, 2008


In the Maywood, NJ, MarketPlace yesterday, as I walked in I glanced at a cop--with his gun in its holster. A short, rather slight guy.

Not long after, he almost brushed against me as he walked past me. I wondered about this.

A few minutes later, I was talking to a woman I knew, and the cop swaggered past. In an exaggerated way. I raised my voice a bit, talking to the woman-I guess, to show that I was normal.

What was the cop doing? I guess he had noticed that I had noticed him--and wanted to see if he could scare me (because I was a wanted felon or something?).

I remember, years ago, walking into the Port Authority building and noticing two cops standing by a wall. One of the cops must have seen me notice them--and deliberately started walking toward me. I figured he wanted to see if I would run--but I just kept serenely walking. He didn't bother me.

I still get angry at one NYC cop. I had been flagged down--for not wearing a seat belt. So had other drivers. There was a line. I got out of the car--because my back hurt. A cop yelled at me: GET BACK IN YOUR CAR! I did--although I needed to stretch my back. It still makes me mad. The way cops treat upstanding citizens.

More to come.

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