Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jack Landau

His obit is in today's Times; an advocate for journalists. I worked with him at the Bergen Record years ago; obnoxious then, too--as the obit indicated.

I was going out for coffee. I asked around if anyone wanted any; some said yes, and thank you.

Landau contemptuously ordered a cup--with no thank you--as if I were a nobody. Annoyed me no end. In general he was contemptuous of other people.

He had a run-in with Eliot Ashare, a similarly obnoxious bully. Landau was using Ashare's phone and his chair when Ashrae came in. He wouldn't get up. Ashare began pulling his chair away--Landau was furious.


I should write about two other obnoxious people I've encountered. A woman from AARP--and the president of Burgdorff Realtors.

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