Thursday, August 07, 2008

World's Shortest Books

Reasons to retire in Camden, NJ GOV. CORZINE
A guide to Arab democracies
My hunt for the real killers OJ SIMPSON
French war heroes
How to avoid premature senility JOHN MCCAIN
Black people I've loved RUSH LIMBAUGH
How to act intelligent DENNIS RODMAN
World's Most Beloved Lawyers
Mistakes I admit I made GEORGE W. BUSH
Things I've Accomplished in Life PARIS HILTON
The Wild Years AL GORE
Great restaurants in England
How not to be disgusting SARAH SILVERMAN
Great Things to do in Detroit
Everything I Know JOHN MCCAIN
Spotted owl recipes THE EPA
Job opportunities for English majors
Gun safety DICK CHENEY
How to find Osama Bin Laden GEORGE W. BUSH

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