Monday, October 13, 2008

Schroeder on Buffett

I’m so glad that the New Yorker gave Alice Schroeder’s new biography of Warren Buffett a bad review (“Snowball”)!
One reason: her arrogance. A while back, she had given Berkshire Hathaway a glowing, over-the-top evaluation—other analysts were appalled. But Buffett liked it. I called her up, asked her for a phone interview (I was writing a book about Buffett). At the appointed time, I called her. Too busy. Some other time. I guess she had already been asked to write a Buffett book, and decided to push me off.
Second reason: There’s already a superlative biography of Buffett—“The Making of an American Capitalist,” by Roger Loewenstein.
(My own book, by the way, isn’t to be sneezed at.)
Here’s what the New Yorker wrote about this authorized biography:
“Ultimately, the book lacks both the revelations that even a cautious autobiography sometimes betrays and the sustained scrutiny of an independent account.”