Sunday, November 30, 2008

And Besides....

+ I had to drive Gisele ben-dor back and forth from Engle Cliffs for her to speak at Potpourri
+ I had to bring my own Bose to all the vocal music classes
+ I had to not only pay for photocopies but to keep going to Staples to make them
+ To make sure that a movie I wanted to show actually could be shown on the machinery, I asked a paid worker to come in on a Monday--before the showing. He said he didn't work on Monday. On Tuesday, there was a 15-20 minute delay in showing the movie because the machinery was defective. So, many people left right after the showing--didn't wait for the discussion.
+ Someone on the board started introducing me before a talk. I tried to stop him--he wouldn't listen. Arrogant jerk. I wasn't talking that day--someone else was!
+ Alice told me that her own multi-speaker course--similar to mine--would be held on certain dates. Mine would presumably be in the morning, hers in the afternoon. Hooray! I could start inviting people now. To confirm, I sent the dates to the CC. No, they preferred other dates. So, embarrassed, I sent new dates to my invitees. And reflected: Didn't the CC know how important it was for me to learn the correct dates ASAP?
And so forth.