Saturday, November 01, 2008

Miss Horne

She had married Henry Lewis, conductor of the NJ Symphony, and moved to South Orange, NJ, with her daughter, Angela.

Here’s an excerpt from “Marilyn Horne: My Life”:

“We enrolled her in nursery school and I’ll never forget her first day at the Temple Israel Nursery School in South Orange, the best school around. That it was affiliated with the Jewish temple was no problem for me, but even though she hadn’t been baptized, Angela had been raised in a Christmas-and-Easter way. Could she cope with Rosh Hoshanah and Hanukah? I was silly to worry, of course…. She never asked why she was in a Jewish temple. I guess she just assumed that was the way you started school. Before you could say the Four Questions, Angela had a best friend named Elissa Cohen….
“Every Friday, one little nursery school student was appointed Shabbos girl or boy, and whoever was chosen invited his or her parent to be Shabbos mother. I had that honor, and it was one of my greatest roles. As Shabbos mother, I baked challah and went with Angela to school, where the Sabbath was celebrated with candle-lighting and prayers. I sang many a B’rucha in Temple Israel.”


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