Sunday, January 11, 2009

Unpleasant People

I'm still angry that Jim Flachsenaar, the new editor of the Daily Record, killed my financial column a little over a year ago--because he was jealous of my prominent role at the paper. One of those people always putting his own interest ahead of anything else.

He was the disciple of Glen Ritt, who had been his boss at another newspaper.

Other people I still harbor grudges against: Jennifer Borg at the Bergen Record, a really mean person. Her father, Malcolm, a not very smart person.

Jim Hendricks, former editor at Medical Economics. Paul, a co-worker, once warned me: Don't make him any crazier than he is. Always threatened by talented people. And Jack Ryan, a dim-witted puppet of Hendricks'.

Oh, and Joe Nocera, a columnist at the NYTimes. He and I once appeared on a panel together. He didn't come off well. But Editor & Publisher ran a story about the meeting --and Nocera dominated it! I figure that he himself wrote the story for Editor & Publisher. People always intent on looking out for No. 1 sometimes are successful.

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