Saturday, December 06, 2008

Taken by the Met?

I couldn't get to use my tickets to see the Oppenheimer opera at the Met, Dr. Atomic. A family emergency.

No problem, I was told by a Met person on the phone. Send the tix in & we'll get you a substitute date. In fact, I was told the date.

I mailed the tix in--about a week before the performance.

Then I get a phone call from the Met--the tix I had sent in had arrived too late for anyone to use them! So I wasn't going to get the substitute tix after all. But I could see Lucia in a few days. I couldn' go that night. We'll give you another alternative, he promised. (He never has.)

I also got an email msg that my tix had arrived too late. The phone message said they had arrived on Thursday, the email that they had arrived on Friday. "Today" was the word used.


Hard to believe that the tix had not arrived in a whole week.

Had the ticket office simply decided to sell my Dr. Atomic tix to someone else-and make a little extra money?

I had thought the Met would be above such sleaziness.

I'll send this posting to the Met's director.

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