Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Nonsensical plot--Gothic garbage--

A brother doesn't kill his brother, even tho he doesn't know he's his brother, because a voice from heaven says don't do it--

But later on the other brother DOES kill the first brother--

Still, the opera is full of gorgeous music--and it was fun to finally know what those famous arias were about--

And Dmitri Hvorosovsky was wonderful as the Count--

And Sondra Radvanovsky was outstanding as Leonora--a big fresh voice capable of lots of ornamentation--she stole the show!

(apart from her silly lying on the ground singing in Act I)

This was a new production and it was pretty good--simple but impressive sets--

(Rememer, in the old days. when opera singers changed their names to something simple? Now we have to deal with Hvorosovsky and Radvanovsky!)

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