Sunday, December 20, 2009

Comment on a letter

A few months ago, someone named Dreyfus wrote a letter to the Woodstock Times about Israel's attack on Gaza--

I didn't respond, but just thinking about the letter makes me mad--

He said that the rockets that were fired into Israel were primitive--

And that "only" 13 people were killed--

What a loathsome, contemptible person--

I may write: I hate to explode his cover, but Dreyfus is clearly a paid agent of the International Zionist Conspiracy--paid to write loathsome, despicable attacks on Israel--just so everyone can see how contemptible the enemies of Israel are--


Some Jews write in, attacking Israel--one-sidedly--

I asked an authority on anti-semitism about this--

He said that these Jews might be terrified that what happened to the Jews in Europe might happen to them--so they are distancing themselves from other Jews--

I'll write to one of these people: I hate to break the bad news to you, but when the neo-Nazis come for me, they'll come for you, too--and if they can't find out where you are, I'll eagerly point out where you're hiding--