Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tarak Kauff

There’s this letter-writer in Woodstock, Tarak Kauff, always writing anti-semitic letters to the local paper. And he claims he’s Jewish.

A pompous, pretentious housepainter. His letters are verbose and otiose. And he is ill-educated and ignorant.

But he writes with the assurance of a sage! Some with an IQ of 80 who thinks he has an IQ of 120!

This jerk, for example, claimed that Albert Einstein was against Israel.

Actually, a recent biography of Einstein proves that he was a strong Zionist.

Even Kauff’s misinformation just shows the shallowness of his thinking.

Kauff is mainly after attention. He thought and thought—and eureka! He realized that he could get attention by criticizing Israel at every opportunity—and saying again and again that he’s Jewish.

What a contemptible person!