Tuesday, January 31, 2006


What a day Sunday was!

My flight from Champaign to Cincinnati was to depart at 730am--I got to the airport before 6am--

Mechanical problems: plane delayed. Gets out at 9am--

My connecting flight is at 1130am--at Delta, I believe--it's a Delta ticket--

I arrive in Cin at 1110--losing an hour--where is the gate for the flight? it isn't listed on the monitor--someone at Delta says it's a Continenal flight, and directs me to the wrong gate--I ask again--someone says gate 17--

I ask: Will my luggage be on the flight? Yes, it will arrive before me if I miss the flight---

I hear my name being called out on the PA system--at least, I thought I heard it--

It's 1125--I'm running toward the gate--a woman there sees me. Newark? She asks. Yes! I call--

I get ontothe plane, telling the hostesses that I've lost 2 years of my life--the plane quickly takes off--

Arrive in Newark--no luggage--no driverto pick me up--I phone the driver on my cell--he says it's a Delta flight,not Continental--It IS Continental, I insist--I tell him to meetme at the baggage carousel at Continental--

But I'm not there--I'm at an info desk, tryingto track downmy luggage--which supposedly WAS on the flight--

Finally I get back to the carousel, and he's there--

My luggage: Continental promises to deliver it soon--

And it's delivered thenext monring--with a note insidethat it was inspected by some government agency, on the lookoutfor terrorists--

Exhausting day--but I wound up pitying whoever who rummaged through my dirty underwear--