Friday, January 06, 2006

Night Thoughts

Personal problems. Family under a lot of stress. (So are so many other families I know about.) I wish I were younger, to have more time to help work out the problems.

One of my sons is so upset about the government's spying into the lives of ordinary Americans that he is determined to quit his job and leave the country soon. He doesn't realize that he is over-reacting and doesn't see the danger of his just leaving his job and "doing a Gauguin."

Well, think pleasant thoughts. I'm going to interview Muriel Siebert on Tuesday--the stockbroker who the NNJ AAII decided was too old to talk to our group! (It's not "mine" anymore. How desperate to show their power people get when they have no power -- meaning members of the AAII board. Do I regret resigning? Not when I remember that I was not asked to be the next president. Why not? Envy, I suspect.)

A forum on college--and a series I'll write about college. 1. Saving for college, 2. Loans and scholarships. 3. Getting into the college of your choice.

I'm so glad I have such good friends. I look forward to meetings with them--on my forthcoming birthday, for instance.

I'm also glad that I'm determined not to work so hard. There's an 830am press conference in NYC on Tuesday, sponsored by one mutual-fund group. It's not worth driving to NYC that early. Even though I'm going to NY in the afternoon.

If I left my job, what would I do? Read more, exercise more, socialize more. Write more on this blog! Financially I can afford to retire. Would I be happy? I'd miss the routine...the prestige that comes with writing a syndicated column...and the pride. Once, years ago, when I was out of a job, I thought: The world is sending me a message: No one wants to hire me. So...I want to continue working--but at a lesser pace. As PQ has said, we're seniors in high school. We don't have to work that hard.

Another pleasant thought: the spa that I just joined. I'll go there regularly--lose weight--be healthier--live longer. First I'll exercise, then I'll reward myself by going into the steam room and hot tub. Maybe I'll make some new friends.

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