Sunday, March 26, 2006

ToDo List

So much to do! Among things I can mention:

* Read up on Wm Bernstein, the neurologist/financial guru, preparatory to an interview
* Proof book on reverse mortgages--get someone to factcheck--decipher comments others have made
* Write Friday col on unusual hedge-like fund
* Clean yard
* Do something about illegal use of my cellphone by parking-lot attendant
* Contact Fidelity re mistakes
* Get two kids onto Fidelity
* Read Intuition by Allegra Goodman, for fun
* Listen to Mahler dvds-=I begged to borrow them, but haven't listened
* Mold on ceiling of porch--fix screens, too--
* Submit application for retirement seminar
* Interview and write up on Regina Resnik, singer
* Check camera and take photos of her --
* Clean out garage
* Return library books, tapes, which may be due
* Take son to my spa
* Get another ticket for Thursday concert?
* Check out new restaurant, Oceanus, for lunch club
* Call CPA to confirm appointment, get directions (Friday)
* Speak to fellow at private school re my talk on Thursday

I get some satisfaction compiling this list...
Knowing what I have to do is a start toward getting all this done--

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