Saturday, December 23, 2006


Grand jury over--It made me miss some important financial meetings--but it was provocative--

The jury voted to convict a woman of something (I'm not supposed to write about specific cases), but I felt we should have been compassionate and returned a "np bill"--but I saw that no one else felt that way, so I didn't argue--it is HARD to go against the crowd--yet I could have argued powerfully--and I'm mad at myself for not having done so--but in a few other, later cases, I did argue against the majority--oddly, in those cases I voted for a "true bill" to convict certain women!

I think we needed more time for deliberations in certain cases--the prosecutors were clearly in a rush--

I wish I could write about the case that upset me--

My book on reverse mortgages was placed on a ten-best-real-estate books-of-2006 list by a real estate writer, and its getting tons of publicity now--so, why aren't publishers knocking down my door for me to write something else? I should write an ebook on "Everything you should know about 55 pages."


Today, later on, I will plunge into that Israeli article--trying to decipher my notes--I'll just force myself--


Every year, I promise to work less hard--but I can see that I'm going to be working even harder now--a colleague, an angry, unpleasant fellow, was just fired, and I will have to do some of his work--my spa wants me to renew, even though I never went there enough--but I will renew and MAKE time--


I should make some New Year's resolutions--lose weight--exercise more--be more concerned about members of my family--were I to depart, my familiy would be in a lot of trouble--


This weekend, having an extra day off, I should check my portfolios--I'm not sure what my asset allocation is--maybe I should bring it down to 30-35% in stocks--I certainly know how miserably the stock market can behave, over long periods of time--and this couintry is in a lot of trouble--sometimes the wall of worry that the stock market supposedly can climb is too high--GW Bush is largely to blame for everything that is wrong with this country--well, for much of what is wrong--how could his puppeteers have allowed this schmuck to become president?--


Monday I drive a friend to the airport--he's going to Fla for the winter--I'll miss him--but it's hard to make new friends now--one reason is: I'm prejudiced against older people!--and younger people aren't generally interested in befriending me--
and I am very needy for the approval of other people--a real estate agent, on his blog, referred to me as a renowned real estate expert--wow!--I may be a fairly well known real esatte WRITER--TS Eliot referred to the modest cough of a minor poet--

These notes are therapy--without a therapist--like Orpheus, the orchestra without a conductor--


More resolutions--go to Arizona to visit my brother--go to the Galapagos (spend money even though my family has problems)--nurse friendships--send out an ebook proposal--clean up my apartment and my house--hire a handyman to help--

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