Monday, January 01, 2007

Ralph Nader

A new movie is coming out about Ralph Nader. Laudatory.

It is appalling how desperate people--especially older people--are for attention. "Fame is the spur...." Because of his need for attention, Nader ran for the Presidency -- and the result was George W, the worst President in U.S. history.
I remember hearing Nader crow that Gore, near the end of the race, was finally mentioning him!

I knew Nader when he was young, just out of Harvard Law, and I worked for Fact, a muckraking magazine. He was brimming with ideas. We should buy some stock for Khrushchev, so he would have an interest in the fate of the U.S. economy...

We had him write an article for Fact, about auto safety, and it was simply unreadable. So Ralph Ginzburg, the publisher, had Robert Anton Wilson re-write the article -- now, mostly about the sexual symbolism of automobiles!

Later, when Nader became famous, Ralph boasted in print that "we" had been the first publication to print Ralph Nader! (The Nation, I think, had been first. And we had not even printed what he wrote!)

The historic meeting between Ralph Nader aand Ralph Ginzburg:

Me: Ralph, I'd like you to meet Ralph Nader...

Ralph G.: I'm busy! (walking hurriedly away).

Anyway, I no longer have any admiration for Ralph Nader. What is the quote about tragedy turning int farce?