Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Worst Library (in NNJ)

I had thought that the Parsippany library was the pits. The absolute nadir.

But no, I'll reserve that horrific position for the Hackensack Library.

What other library in the entire world has only parking spaces with meters? Lots of non-metered spaces for the staff! Besides which, the library has classical CDs mixed in with popular crap. Beethoven next to Britney -- so to speak. And the staff is sour.

Yes, I got a $22 ticket last week. I didn't have any quartersfor the meter on me. I got change--but I also got Value Line Investment Survey. And I was afraid to leave it unattended & put more money in the meter. But I had a half hour on the meter...

Just I was leaving the library, I saw a parking-meter car driving past. And yes, there was a ticket on my windshield.

Parking meters in a library parking lot says something about the ignoramuses who run Hackensack.

I'll try to avoid going to Hackensack Library ever again. (Teaneck's is much better.)

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