Saturday, August 25, 2007

More About Sopranos

Every episode of The Sopranos has something memorable in it—(I’m watching the sixth season now)—Tony is real in being contradictory: Ruthless and violent and a bully but sometimes sensitive—I wish I were more assertive, the way he is!--Carmela is so real, as are other people on the show…like Adriana, Chris’s dumb girlfriend—

When I’ve seen all the episodes, what will I substitute? Going back to watch old movies, I guess—on TCM and from Netflix—

From Ozzie and Harriet to Tony and Carmela…

Leaving my job, if I do, will be like giving up smoking—painful in unexpected ways—I remember giving up smoking one morning, 20 years ago…and the pain was unbelievable! I had to quickly start again to assuage the pain--(but now I haven’t smoked in 17 years)… S. said I have to reinvent myself—get another source of self-esteem and identity if I “retire”—

Literacy Volunteers?