Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Theory of Emotions

I have this theory--that all one's emotions, if kept in check, are pleasurable.

I love horror movies and always have--if they're scary enough. Scary means: I have to stop watching. Of course, I don't enjoy being really scared... by a real-life threat.

A woman I know was angry at me. I kept apologizing every time I met her. Finally she broke down and told me that she had forgiven me a lot time ago, but enjoyed by apologies. The emotion: smugness. (My sin: at a lunch, because of my deliberately changing my seat she wound up sitting next to someone obnoxious.)

I enjoy feeling affection for certain people. I'm almost addicted to the affection and miss the people--feel a little pain--when I don't see them.

I enjoy feeling a little angry. (Some people LOVE feeling angry & are angry all the time.)

Other feelings: suspicion...envy...superiority...remorse...

Is it a little pleasurable to feel shame? That may be an exception.

I wonder if I Google "emotions" if I'll learn that this subject has been studied.

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