Sunday, December 09, 2007

Bob Arnott

I've managed to persuade him to come to NJ to give a talk on Jan 23--I think he's flying in especially to give the talk!--he's a formidable person in the investment world--I've got to try to arrange other meetings for him--

A question for him: How does one reconcile the two mistakes investors make-selling too soon and holding onto their losers?


I may try teaching a course on famous singers of the past--Conchita Supervia, Elisabeth Rethberg, Giuseppi de Stefano, and so forth--not necessarily the best singers, but wonderful singers singing lovely arias where the quality of the sound isn't bad--doing some research I've met up with good singers I had never heard of, like Pasquale Amato--


So many things to do! Trouble is, I put off stuff I don't want to do--like fixing a defective chair and a defective bed frame and filing for insurance reimbursmenet--


Everyone my age (it seems) is suffering from memory loss--I was playing bridge a few years ago, and in the middle of a hand forgot everything--what had been played, what was trump--I gave up bridge--and yes, I'll get up to go somewhere and forget why I got up--and play tennis, and forget the score and forget who was serving--

But when I was a kid, I was forgetful, too! There's a snapping turtle in the yard, my parents warned me--I went to the yard, touched a black stone, and the turtle bit me!--I had forgotten--I wanted to remember to save my fingernails after cutting them--and it took me a long, long time to remember to do that--and I was mad at myself for not remembering--I wanted to save my fingernails because I was engaging in magical thinking--

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